John A. Rowland I


John A. Rowland I, was co-leader with William Workman (at right) of the  first American pack train of settlers into Southern California, arriving  in Los Angeles on November 5, 1841; soon thereafter, they secured title  to the La Puente Rancho. 

William Workman


 John Albert Rowland I (the first) visited the La Puente Valley in the early 1800's looking to find property that would best suit his business endeavors and support his family's needs so he set his sights on settling in La Puente. John Rowland received a California land grant which was initially given by Juan Alvarado in 1842. Later, the Rancho La Puente land grant was a total of 48,790 acres which was split between John Rowland and William Workman. John Rowland and William Workman establish themselves as early pioneers of Southern California. They were the early settlers of California just before it was to become a part of the United States.  

The Rowland Home


The John A. Rowland Home, built in 1855, was the first two-story brick house in southern California, and is the oldest brick house now standing in this area. In 1897, Rowland's daughter, Victoria, and her husband, Josiah Hudson, remodeled the home, changing the slope of the roof, stuccoing the bricks, and adding a kitchen. Their daughter, Lilian, later made a few other minor changes in the interior of the home.

This is the home as of  May 2018.

English Vine



This 150 year old English Rose vine is 

growing on the back of the property.

Dibble Museum


 In 1950, Lilian Dibble(at right), granddaughter of John A. Rowland I, turned  the water tank located south of the home into a museum especially for  the school children. The Round House, as it is now called, contains  ranch equipment and Indian artifacts. It is open to the third grade  hands-on tours.  

Lilian Dibble


Heritage Room


 The La Puente Valley Historical Society once maintained a Heritage Room.  The room, which was in the basement of La Puente City Hall, was dedicated  to preserving the history of La Puente, the La Puente Rancho, and the  people who live in the La Puente Valley. It is our wish to once again in  the near future provide these resources to the community, at the restored Rowland Home.

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Rowland Home and Dibble Museum- a 5min video

Here is a short 5 minute video about the Rowland Home and Dibble museum.  It is a bit dated, in form and function, but it's here for records sake  and your enjoyment.